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In the EU, companies - various stakeholders of the international supply chain - report shortage of customs clearance and trade compliance specialists. The overall aim of the course is to fill the gap. This extensive course provides newcomers and cross-functional employees with the knowledge needed to successfully manage compliance and mitigate risk in this complex area.

Take a look at the 🔗PDF brochure that sumarises the benefits of the course, and also watch a ▶️2 min. video feedback from one of our students.


A customs practitioner’s role within a business is to identify, manage and mitigate the risks whilst ensuring the goods keep moving. This extensive in-depth 21 modules, 75-hour training lays a solid foundation for this role. It aims:

  • to help companies in various industries, such as trading, manufacturing, logistics, customs consulting, and of various sizes to train both new and current employees;
  • to provide knowledge for those who seek enhancement of their carrier in export-import of goods-related business, where the customs knowledge is indispensable in most departments of the company, for example, management team, logistics, finance, procurement, sales, and legal.


One of the biggest challenges in the supply chain is managing compliance requirements, which are enforced by customs authorities at the borders. This is likely to be part of your responsibilities in your managerial or specialist role. This course will give you the confidence to handle them and address risks. Gain an in-depth understanding of customs and the related trade processes; ensure you deal with customs-related matters compliantly, with confidence and take advantage of the time and money-saving opportunities provided for in legal acts. Watch this ▶️video to learn more about the benefits  and, also, what and how your will learn. 


The training was developed by an international team of experienced trainers - from Ireland, Lithuania, Germany, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Ukraine, Greece, and France - of the Customs Knowledge Institute: 

  • Anthony Buckley, Chair of the CKI Board, CEO at Anthony Buckley Consulting Ltd., former Head of Irish Customs, Ireland
  • Jessica Yang, Customs & Trade Compliance Specialist at Takeda, Director at JY XBorder Consulting LLC, Switzerland/the United Kingdom
  • Patrick Nieveler, Manager Customs & Excise Tax at BMW, Founder & CEO of PASSANI Academy, Germany
  • Inessa Platonova, Vice President FIATA, Vice President ICC Ukraine, Founder & CEO of PLASKE Academy, Ukraine
  • Dr. Momchil Antov, Chairman of the Board of the National Organization of Customs Agents, Associated Professor at the D. A. Tsenov Academy of Economics, Bulgaria
  • Dr Gediminas Valantiejus, Attorney at Law at GVLEX, Lecturer at Mykolas Romeris University, Lithuania
  • Annette Reiser, Attorney at Law, Customs and Trade Compliance, Switzerland/Germany
  • Athanassios Pantazis, Owner & CEO of Pantazis & Associates customs services, Greece

And this is yet not the full list of experts who share with you their know-how in the training! See the content below.


Download 🔗detailed programme in PDF.

Background knowledge is provided in these modules:

Tariff and non-tariff measures are dealt with in these modules:

Learn customs procedures and formalities by taking these modules: 

Compliance management-related modules:


In addition:

  • Contact the course coordinator any time you have questions;
  • Join biweekly online drop-in sessions and meet the lecturers in person;
  • Learn to fill out a customs declaration using 🔗Custran software;
  • Enjoy free access to all the 🔗articles on CustomsClear;
  • Grow your knowledge by joining 🔗CKI Community.


For a limited time only, we are offering this course for a special price of €2,400 (VAT excluded). The regular price of this course based on individual modules pricing principle is €5500. Only limited number of courses are available at this discounted price. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and elevate your career today! Upon purchase, you will be granted access to the course for 3 months.

Contact us for a special offer if you are purchasing this course for several employees of your company.




Customs Knowledge Institute: 🔗 Customs Knowledge Institute is an Irish not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to bring together passionate customs practitioners for the purpose of enhancing customs knowledge.
CustomsClear: we are the customs and trade compliance knowledge marketplace and our goal is to connect knowledge seekers with industry-related experts. Check other available 🔗courses.

Resources are available after purchase.

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3 months access after purchase

  • Aishlinn Roque Cervantes, Italy
    Global Trade Compliance Specialist, Aerovac Composites One

    "This course for me was very complete and an eye opener to topics which I have never been exposed to before due the nature of the business I worked on. The topics covered were also a guide to help adjust my project pipeline. It gave me great insights in combination with the regulatory part. I know for sure I have tons of work to do but I also feel more confident on working my Risk Management plan. Thanks also to the lecturers who are very professional, topics were well prepared and explained."

  • Thomas Knebel, Sweden
    Trade Compliance Officer, Sandvik Rock Processing Solutions

    "What I enjoy most about the course is that it is actually presented by people who love talking about customs, and they present it in a way that you can follow."

  • Elitsa Radoeva, Germany
    Trade Compliance Specialist, AXON

    "You start from general, so you have an overview. Then you start digging into different topics, and you start building on those. It gives you the opportunity to remember enough to move on and to get a bigger picture. To understand why this is that and why this is this, and why certain things happen in your business environment. The consultations are also extremely nice because you can ask questions. You can ask questions in advance, and then those questions are being discussed and tailored to what you're looking to get out of those consultations."

  • Aida Habashi, Spain
    Logistics & Trade Compliance Specialist, KITH

    I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is just stepping into the world of EU compliance and is eager to delve into its intricacies. Some modules were super helpful because I could actually use what I learned in my everyday work. These modules broke down how EU customs works, and that was exactly what I needed. The practical info made it easy to apply the stuff I learned to my job, and I feel way more confident dealing with EU customs now.

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