CC Learning, JSC implements the project "Development of a personalised adaptive system for continuous development of customs professional at CC Learning" No. 02-019-K-0083, financed under the progress measure No. 05-001-01-05-07 "Establishing a coherent system for the promotion of innovative activities" under the activity "Stimulating the supply of innovations" under the activity "Investing in activities for the development of new R & D products and creating conditions for researchers to participate in R&D activities of enterprises, promoting intellectual property, early pilot production of new products developed, and market readiness" (region of Central and Western Lithuania).

Objective of the project: to develop an innovative product - Personalised Adaptive Customs Professional Continuous Improvement System - through R&D activities. 

A prototype of the personalised and adaptive training system will be developed through funding opportunities and experimental development activities. The project will develop a system that will be able to offer to the market an innovative solution to provide customs professionals with personalised training, according to each individual's needs, the area and level of knowledge required, preferences in learning methods and time availability.

The total value of the project is EUR 1 472 015,37, with funding of EUR 662 406,95, financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

The project implementation period is from 14-11-2023 to 12-06-2026.

The main activity and specialisation of CC Learning is the provision of customs training and relevant information to participants in the international supply chain (importers, exporters, manufacturers, traders, carriers, consultants, lawyers, customs brokers, e-commerce platforms and others) to ensure the smooth and sustainable movement of goods across customs-controlled national and territorial borders.

Contact details:, +370 644 65 553. 


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