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Enrika Naujokė

  • Job title: CEO
  • Organization: CustomsClear
  • Country: Lithuania

Enrika is CEO of CustomsClear, the European customs and trade knowledge platform. She is editor of the Customs Compliance & Risk Management journal for Practitioners in Europe. Enrika has many years of experience in the customs field in customs brokerage, manufacturing, logistics companies. She is also the director of the Lithuanian Customs Practitioners Association.

Membership: International Compliance Professionals Association, EFA Europäisches Forum für Aussenwirtschaft, Verbrauchsteuern und Zoll E.V., Aussenwirtschaftsrunde e.V.Customs Consultative Committee (Lithuania).

Languages: LT, EN, DE, RU

Contact: enrika@customsclear.net 

Updated on: June 10, 2023

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