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Frequently asked questions

On this page you will find answers to the questions about the platform usage that you might have. If you can't find an answer to the question that you have, contact us by click the button Contact us on the left side of your screen.

How to create an account on the platform?

How to add company details to my invoices?

How to find my purchase history and invoices for my previous purchases?

How to change my content and newsletter preferences? How to unsubscribe?

How to reset my password?

How to find certificates for courses that I have passed?

How to find knowledge?

Unique 3-LEVEL FILTER will help you to find the most relevant content

1) Choose a TOPIC of your interest 
2) Pick the MARKETS of your interest (Please note, that filtering by  Global will show you articles with the content on the global level,  not the articles that are,  for instance,  on the EU level.  The same with the EU or other customs union, the user will find articles on the union level, not on countries level).
3) Find content in LANGUAGES that you speak (if you are logged in, the languages that you set up in your preferences settings will automatically be chosen here).

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