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Jurgita Bartninkienė

  • Job title: Director
  • Organization: UAB "Muita"
  • Country: Lithuania

Jurgita Bartninkienė has been working at  "Muita" UAB since the company was founded in 2010.

Having started as a representative of a customs broker, later she became the head of the customs brokers department, and now she works as a director. The main and motivating thing for Jurgita at work is continuous improvement and providing professional services to clients. The field of customs is not only knowledge of legal acts, but also the correct application of that knowledge in practice. Jurgita, together with the professional "Muita" team and long-term partners - port companies, lawyers and others - are always looking for the best customs formalities and related solutions for importing and exporting businesses.

The "Muita" UAB team provides customs broker services throughout Lithuania, transit and export declaration filling services in Germany, as well as consults on customs issues, conducts training and publishes the publication "Customs Law for Practitioners". More information www.muita.lt/en

Tel.: +370 640 32232
Email: jurgita@muita.lt

Updated on: September 19, 2022

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