Bertrand Rager

  • Job title: Lawyer
  • Organization: CUSTAX & LEGAL Société d'avocats
  • Country: France

A qualified chartered accountant and lawyer, Bertrand RAGER is now the MD of anindependent advisory law firm based in Paris.

He advises a variety of businesses operating globally on export control & dual use processes and compliance, Customs compliance, litigation and optimisation in relation to their international flows of goods and services with additional VAT optimisation and compliance aspects . Bertrand teaches customs law notably in France and Ireland.

Bertrand RAGER has worked with both Ernst & Young and Arthur Andersen prior to being appointed pan-european VAT & Customs Director for Delphi Automotive Systems.

Bertrand also has a wide experience of long term projects work for major clients undertaking process improvement, restructuring, cost reduction exercises, AEO/Export licences audits etc.

Bertrand is the French member of the Trusted Trade Alliance , a global independent network of Export control & Customs experts; has strong connections with customs circles in Germany and the UK (CPG & ACITA ). Bertrand is also the president of the International Commission of the FIEEC and member of the SIEPS (professional syndicate of strategic products exporters).

Working languages : English, French, German

Key Competences: Handling the regulatory aspects of import/export supply chain projects, Intra Community VAT, customs law, litigation procedure and compliance, definition and implementation of target organisation, fiscal representation, VAT and customs internal audits and external audit support, FTA management, etc…Export control, dual use, all export licences & authorisations, assistance in drafting export control internal policy guide, dealing with all French Governmental agencies involved.

Updated on: June 18, 2020

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