January 07, 2022
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ATA system for temporary admission

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What is ATA system?

The ATA is an international customs system that provides for the application of the procedure for the temporary admission of goods into the territory of the participating countries free of duties and taxes and without providing additional guarantees to customs authorities

The temporary admission of goods is covered by a single document known as the ATA Carnet that is secured by an international guarantee system.

The ATA system was developed in response to the needs of various types of businesses to move their products to trade fairs or international exhibitions, as samples to potential buyers, or simply as their own professional equipment.

What is the legal background of the ATA system?

The application of the ATA system is based on two main international conventions:

  • Customs Convention on the ATA Carnet for the temporary admission of goods adopted by the Customs Cooperation Council (now the World Customs Organization) in Brussels in 1961 (known as ATA Convention), and
  • Convention on temporary admission adopted under the auspices of the Customs Cooperation Council in Istanbul in 1990 (known as Istanbul Convention). 

Both the ATA Convention and the Istanbul Convention are in force. However, the latter has combined within one international instrument all existing conventions on temporary admission, including the ATA Convention.

Who administrates the ATA system?

No import duties or taxes are collected for the temporary importation of goods covered by the ATA system since internationally valid security has been established by the national associations issuing the ATA Carnets. 

These national associations are approved by customs and are affiliated to an international guaranteeing chain administered by the ICC World Chambers Federation (ICC/WCF).

More information

World Customs Organisation: http://www.wcoomd.org/en/topics/facilitation/instrument-and-tools/conventions/pf_ata_system_conven.aspx 

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