October 17, 2020

Are you passionate about Customs topics and would like to meet like-minded people from all over the world? Join the community of authors of the Customs Compliance & Risk Management journal (here the newest release)! Authors of the journal have regular meetings, and another one is planned to take place online on 21 October 2020. In this meeting authors will exchange their views on the topic “Customs knowledge in our countries: Is it sufficient? What is ‘sufficient’?”.

In the previous meeting, which took place on 18 August 2020, the views were exchanged on 2-3 points that the authors personally enjoy about customs administration or customs formalities in their countries and 2-3 points that could be improved. The insights from the meeting will be presented in an article in the WCO News, which will be released in October 2020.

Are you interested to participate in the meetings? You are always welcome to contribute an article and this way to become a part of the community! For further information please contact the publisher of the journal the Lithuanian Customs Practitioners Association by info@lcpa.lt

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