April 26, 2020
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EORI number

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About the EORI number

The Economic Operators Registration and Identification number (EORI number) is a unique European Union (EU) registration and identification number, assigned to companies that import or export goods to or from the EU, carry them under the transit procedure or perform other customs-related activities. 

Any economic operator established in the EU should obtain the EORI number from his national customs office before commencing customs activities in the EU.

Economic operators not established in the customs territory of the Union may also apply for an EORI number. They are registered with the customs office responsible for the supervision of the place where they first lodge the customs declaration or request a decision (e.g. for a Binding Tariff Information).

In addition, the EORI number may be assigned to persons who are not economic operators and who are not required to be registered with customs.

An EORI number assigned in one Member State is valid throughout the European Union.

Legal basis

The use of the EORI number, which allows identifying the economic operators throughout the EU customs territory, has been mandatory since 1 July 2009. Customs registration of economic operators for EORI number is governed by the Union Customs Code, however, the detailed rules for the EORI number registration process are set out in the national law of the Member States.


Information from the article “What you need to know about the EORI number and national differences in EU countries” by Jovita DobrovalskienÄ—, Customs Compliance & Risk Management Journal.